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  • General De-cluttering and Organizing – including working with the client through sorting and purging and making sure everything has a home
  • Filing Systems and Paper Flow – setting up systems and managing paper files, systems for managing the ‘In’, ‘In Process’ and ‘Out’ paperwork
  • Design & Decorating – creating a new floor plan, furniture choices and placement for maximum efficiency including recommendations and sourcing of furniture and other organizing tools as required, ensuring optimum use of space. Full service contracts available from design to final installation and decorating. May include choice of flooring, lighting, colors, etc.
  • One-on-One Coaching for Productivity Improvement – managing paper and electronic information, effective use of Microsoft Outlook, techniques for managing email, using a task and calendar system
  • Ongoing Maintenance Programs – weekly or monthly coaching sessions to ensure systems are maintained and providing consistent support going forward